Dog Walking & Pet Care Services

Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Feel guilty that your dog is sitting at home alone all day long without a dog walk? Want your dog to have some furry friends of his own and get some exercise too? Let us spoil your pooch in your absence with a nice dog walk!

How much does a dog walk cost?

Dog & Pet Sitting

Dog Sleepovers & Stopovers

Sleepovers: Have a trusted sitter stay in your home with your pet. Sleepovers begin at 8 pm with a dinner walk, include overnight care, and end at 7 am with a breakfast walk.  This pairs nicely with a mid-day dog walk.

Stopover and Walk: If your dog does not require sleepover care, but needs some love and affection because you’re working late or are going away, we offer stopover visits. We’re happy to stop by and walk, feed, and/or play with your dog multiple times per day.  We recommend at least 2-3 visits per day for the health of your pet.

Dog & Pet Sitting

Cat & Pet Sitting

Visits for Cats, Rabbits and Hamsters too. Services are tailored to suit the needs of your pet and maintain their routine.  Fresh food and water, scoop/change litter, playtime, brushing, and lots of love .  Typically, visits are 20-40 minutes–we stay as long as it takes to make sure your pet is cared for and loved properly.


Puppy Tails Care

Puppy Tails Care

Let our Puppy Professionals care for your pup while you are away.

  • Recommended Two Visits per Day—Visits should be approximately 4-hours apart.
  • Housebreaking—We will help maintain a proper housebreaking routine with a consistent and reliable schedule. You decide on the technique and we will follow your lead.
  • Companionship—As with any of our Trusty Tails companions—Lots of Love and Affection!
  • Socialization—Once your puppy has all the necessary shots, we will introduce him/her to a few play buddies during the day.
  • Feeding—We will feed your puppy lunch or snack if part of the routine/schedule.
  • Exercise—We will make sure your puppy gets a bit of exercise during the day including walks, playing with toys, and fetch.
  • Beginning Leash Walking—all walks include work on loose leash walking.
  • Commands—We will practice commands such as “sit”, “down”, “stay”, and “wait” with your puppy. We will even help to teach basic etiquette such as “no bite” or “no jumping”. You let us know which ones you want and we’ll do our best to continue with the same techniques you are using.
  • Read about what a puppy visit is like.

Areas We Service

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We are at your service 365 days per year. Our Holidays are:

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thursday, November 27th-Friday, November, 28th 2014

Winter Holiday

Thursday, December 24th-January 1st, 2015

*Additional fees apply for the above holidays.